ICSI (International CyberSecurity Institute)

Developing the right culture to minimise the risk of cyber attacks in any organisation.

Who we are

CYBERAWARE SECURITY is a product of the UK registered ICSI (International CyberSecurity Institute), an education firm based in Milton Keynes, 80km northwest of London, with a growing network of resellers around the world.


What we do

Our mission is the help companies nurture a culture of digital security, so that each member of staff contributes to the fight against cybercrime.


ICSI is an ISO 27001 certified education firm, offering individuals, corporate clients and business partners the benefits of its comprehensive cybersecurity portfolio that caters to all levels, from non-technical computer users to IT professionals. In particular, ICSI’s CYBERAWARE SECURITY programme ranks among the most user-friendly, high-quality, high-performance awareness platforms.

CYBERAWARE SECURITY provides the tools, the training, the monitoring and reporting that will minimise your exposure and vulnerability to cyber attacks. As any serious organisation will confirm, a rigorously assessed product is a must-have to help you protect your sensitive and valuable data from falling into the wrong hands.