Managed Services

Managed Services

When you want expert security services without the cost of a permanent in-house team.

The best of both worlds

Our managed security awareness services offer you ongoing services provided by cybersecurity experts, without the cost of employing and training an in-house team.

Features of our managed security services

  • Tailored to your business environment and company configuration
  • Based on a continuous flow of campaigns
  • Able to identify the weaknesses and any leaks, and where they occurred
  • Designed to track and score performance
  • Optimised periodically

Key elements of our managed security services

  • Identifying the scope of your required training and campaign needs
  • Establishing access to our proprietary platform
  • Creating campaigns that are tailored to your sector and business environment
  • Analysis and reporting on campaign results to determine the direction of the next campaign
  • Ongoing trouble-shooting and email support

The result?

Ultimately the goal is to raise the security awareness maturity level within your organisation, one training programme at a time, one campaign at a time.

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