Phishing Reporter

Our user-friendly tool against phishing attacks

So every computer user contributes to security awareness within your organisation.

An effective email plug-in that reinforces security awareness in three important ways

Get everyone involved!

How? Once our Phishing Reporter has been installed, checking emails will allow every user to simply click on a button to report any email that looks suspicious.

In this way, all your staff are continuously involved in protecting your network against phishing attacks. This in turn stimulates their sense of responsibility and ultimately helps you reinforce a culture of security awareness among your whole team.

Instant and long-term rewards

Say you notice something fishy about an email in your inbox – maybe the language is strange, the sender is unknown, or there are dubious links or attachments. Instead of opening the email, you click on the Phishing Reporter button. 

If you have correctly recognised an email that was generated within the framework of a phishing simulation campaign for training purposes, you will instantly receive a message praising you for noticing the red flags and reporting the email. 

Over time, users who demonstrate their ability to recognise suspicious emails will be able to reduce their risk score and prove to be an asset to your company. 

Redirecting possible threats

In the event that a reported email was NOT part of a phishing simulation campaign but a real outside threat, clicking on the Phishing Reporter will redirect the suspicious email to your company’s IT department for closer examination. Only after it has been cleared will the user be informed that it is safe to open. 

This collective effort and engagement of your whole team can help you eliminate the threats of widespread phishing attempts to a great extent.

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