Policy Management

It’s all about getting your people involved

Because every policy is only as good as your ability to implement it.

A cloud-based system so you know exactly
who knows what and when, in real-time

Formulating a policy is only the beginning…

Obviously, there is no policy management without a policy. And chances are, you have invested time and resources in formulating a detailed policy that is aligned with the compliance requirements in your area and your industry. But make no mistake: many regulatory agencies are not satisfied with evidence of simply having a policy. They might insist on records and/or reports of such policies being distributed and acknowledged by those to whom they apply.

If you are not sure you can do that, let’s talk. Because what your people don’t know, CAN harm you.

Next step: communicate your policies

Policies are not always one-size-fits-all. Quite often, different departments need to implement different policies. Also, over time, and as cybersecurity threats and measures evolve, policies need to be revised and amended in line with new regulations. Making sure the latest updated policies reach the right people can be a full-time job. Unless you have an effective policy management tool – like ours.

With CYBERWARE SECURITY’s policy management system you can instantly upload any updates of your policy, to replace any older versions and eliminate confusion or misinformation. You can also prepare different policies for different departments and distribute them automatically to right addresses. Best of all, you can request – and collect! – acknowledgements to monitor and control the dissemination of your company’s policies.

Spread the responsibility, limit the risk

You’ve heard it before: Getting your whole team involved in the fight against unauthorised access to your sensitive or confidential personal data is not only helpful, it is imperative. And the best way to achieve users’ engagement is by delegating responsibility and demonstrating the importance of their contribution.

Alongside your security awareness training, make sure that the implementation of policies involves active steps that need to be taken by each user. The combination of awareness and responsibility is the key to minimising the risk of an attack. And with CYBERAWARE SECURITY’s Policy Management system, you can do that and record user engagement for future reference.

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