Risk Audit

Assess the risk and minimise the threat.

Make sure you invest your valuable security resources exactly where they’re needed.


Our winning approach

When it comes to cybersecurity, there is no quick fix. We will provide the necessary tools today, educate your team for tomorrow and inspire your staff with a sense of shared responsibility in the fight against cybercrime.


Pinpoint the security pitfalls

Our Exposure Index is based on real-life variables and reflects the risk level of each individual user in your organisation. It informs you precisely where to use your resources to effectively block potential data breaches.

A powerful formula

The Exposure Index is calculated using three variables:

1. Training results

These results combine a user’s performance in our training courses, together with the way they respond via our Phishing Reporter to our phishing simulations and other customised campaigns.

2. Management level

Every member within the organisation is classified into one of four management categories:

  • Non-managerial level
  • 1st line management level
  • Mid-management level
  • Senior management or executive level

The higher the level, the greater the Exposure Index and the damage in the event of a data breach.

3. Deep search

Our in-depth search capacity will crawl the dark web to determine whether any of your users’ data has already been exposed or abused. The detailed outcome of the search will determine the nature of the required remedy.

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